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Vee for Video 1.5 ($4.99 plus in-app purchases) was recently released. Developed by the same team who created the Swiss Army knife of photo apps, Camera+, this iPhone video app is quickly becoming an easy-to-use, yet powerful everyday video workflow. You can have a look at my first review of the app here.

The new update adds a variety of built-in fades and transitions, as well as 4K support. The entire list of new features is below. The new features definitely add to the app’s utility and give budding Kubricks new toys tools to work with in-app.

While I’d reach for FiLMiC Pro ($9.99, which I think is the best iPhone video app) to shoot a serious project, Vee for Video is a fun, excellent, easy to use choice to shoot, edit, and share everyday video on the fly.

It still doesn’t have in-app titles yet, so keep the Sharpies and paper handy. Also, like many other video apps available, the image on the front camera is flipped, so you’ll see the mirrored version of the video in your file. Video bloggers, especially those who regularly show products in their vlogs, should keep this in mind.

Check out the video below for the app in action. Sorry about the transitions. I got a little crazy there….


Download Vee for Video

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App Store link: Vee for Video – Medious


Here’s what’s new in the Vee for Video 1.5 update:

You asked for it and we’re delivering. You can now tap on any clip in your timeline and with one tap of the [+] insert button you can add in a transition between clips. Go ahead and get crazy.

Maybe you could…
• Dissolve • your stop motion video of your cats vanishing
• Fade Through White • as you wake up in a montage dream world
• Strobe • between scenes from your burning man footage the exact second the beat drops
• Wipe Right • between planets in your epic space opera that occurred a long time ago in a galaxy far far away

We won’t give you any more ideas, how about you give us some? If you shoot something cool share it with us #veeforvideo

We’ve also added a familar left handed shooting button (just like the camera app), made a ton of performance enhancements, and fixed up a bunch bugs.

Finally, for you lucky 6s and 6s Plus users, we’ve added:
• 4k shooting
• 1080p shooting at up to 120fps
• 3D Touch shortcuts to quickly jump into your recent videos