Here’s the first in a new series of videos that focuses on how to take better pictures with your iPhone or other mobile device. In collaboration with Digi Malaysia, @igersmalaysia has launched The Mobile Snaps series.

The first episode focuses on perspective — what to look for and how to use lines and scale to compose a better photo. Watch @shafiqanaksaleh as he shows the basics of framing your shots differently. The second video should be up later this week.

If you’re new-ish to iPhoneography or mobile photography, this looks to be a good video series to help learn a foundation of basics quickly. It’s short, basic, and helpful if you’d like to hone your composition skills. It’s produced in part by Instagramers Malaysia, who are active in the global Instagramers’ community.


Demonstrating the creation of certain shots with only the use of your phone and its apps.

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