WoodPost from Fuzel is an interesting app that lets you load a favorite photo, upload it and get back posters, coasters, trays or even post cards with your photo very nicely printed on the wood surface.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 12.15.20 PMThe developers have also done a wonderful collage app, Fuzel Collage which is one of the best apps in that category.

The company invited me to send a photo in, which I did. I ordered a wall hanging poster. In just over a week a FEDEX box arrived with my photo in very good condition. It had a hanging bracket on the back, and even hardware to get the picture up on my wall.

The photo was of excellent quality. I expected it to show wood grain, put the photo is somehow laminated to the wood base so it looks like a regular glossy photo. Frankly the poster looked very nice.

I saw a very slight defect on the right edge of the photo, which I think is related to the lamination process, but hanging on a wall no one would notice it.

The pricing seems reasonable given the quality of the product. I received the large poster, 11.9″ by 11.9″. On the wood frame the print is half an inch thick. All Woodpost products are made from rubberwood from the Pará rubber trees in southern Vietnam. When the rubber trees no longer produce sap – usually after 25-30 years – the old trees are then chopped down and new ones are planted in their place. This makes rubberwood, besides maple, a very ecologically-friendly material. All products include worldwide shipping, but you can opt for FEDEX delivery.


Exclusive Life In LoFi Discount

The prices for the Woodpost products are comparable to competing specialty printers. However, readers of Life in LoFi can get a substantial discount of 25% by using the promo code ‘melmartin25’ at checkout. That’s good for the first hundred orders. There is a more generic 20% savings for the first 500 orders by using the promo code ‘launch20’. Either way, it’s a good deal.

I think the advantage to this kind of print is your expense stops when you get it. Early in my photography days I’d print something nice on paper, and was shocked when it came to the costs of getting it framed for myself or as a gift.

Woodpost does nice printing, has a variety of interesting products at several price levels, and it’s easy to order directly from your iPhone.

I think any of these products would make for very personal holiday giving. It’s a nice way to show off your photo skills and create something that is lasting and attractive. All your ordered products are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are in the market for something different, Woodpost is worth a look.