Apple is recognizing the elevated place photography holds in the iOS world, so Apple retail stores are quietly adding a whole section of accessories that are going to excite those of us who are dedicated iPhone photographers.

It’s not in all the Apple Stores in the U.S. yet, but it’s well marked with a large poster with some iPhone photos on it. The featured area contains Photography and Videography ‘kits’ loaded with desirable accessories like a high quality mini-tripod from Manfrotto, an Olloclip Active Lens (wide angle and telephoto), a Tripod Mounting Adapter, a Bluetooth camera remote, and a case. Also the photo kit is pricy ($200.00) the components are of high quality and something many will lust after. The kit is compatible with iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus.

The Videography Kit ($299.00) is also complete, and includes the Olloclip Active Lens, a Manfrooto Action Tripod, a Shure MV88 Digital Stereo Mic, the same tripod adapter that comes in the photo kit, and an Incase Tripod Sling.

The stores also stock a variety of GoPro Cameras, camera grips and other odds and ends that can be found online, but I think seeing these things in person is a far better way to buy.


The display is easy enough to find, but to my mind, not a first-class design. Many of the accessories are near the floor, rather than at eye level. It isn’t really conducive to seeing everything that is there, and when I got low to check the close to the floor products I was almost run over in the usually busy store.

The iPhone generates the majority of Apple’s revenue, and its camera is one of the most popular features. Apple is right to dedicate part of its retail space to photo accessories, and it’s worth a visit to see the goodies that are there.

Not all stores are equipped with the photo accessory section yet – in my Apple Store in Southern Arizona the displays appeared yesterday.