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“Back to Basics” is the fifth in the Mobile Snaps series of weekly videos that focus on how to take better pictures with your iPhone or other mobile device. This one is filled with basic tips to help you with your mobile photography.

These are basic photographic tips and among the first you learn as you study photography. These will help you shoot better photos on your iPhone or Android device. Best part is, this two-minute video is easy to watch. If you want to step up your Instragram or Facebook game, this is a good place to start.

My favorite tip? Just keep shooting to perfect your shots.

If you’re new-ish to iPhoneography or mobile photography, this is a good video series to help learn a foundation of basics quickly. This video is brief, informative, slickly produced and takes you through step-by-step. It may give you ideas to spark your creativity as well. It’s produced in part by Instagramers Malaysia, who are active in the global Instagramers’ community.

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In collaboration with Digi Malaysia, @igersmalaysia has launched The Mobile Snaps series consisting of ten episodes. It is comprised of short video tutorials intended as a guide to mobile photography with the use of various apps.

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