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Adobe continues to improve its iOS apps and this week’s updates to Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Mix apps will especially please people running 16 GB iPhones. Both apps are designed to smartly manage the space your projects take up, and reclaims space when you are running low on space.

Here’s the specific upgrades to Photoshop Fix:


The app now imports full resolution from Lightroom, eliminating the previous 2000×2000 pixel resolution limit.

Photoshop Fix has adapted its vignette feature by automatically identifying a face in the photo and adjusting the vignette around it. The app also now provides a metadata panel, giving you all the secs of the photo, like the size of the image and the date it was taken. And metadata is preserved in projects that have been imported from elsewhere.

Browsing has been improved, and it’s easy now to find recently imported photos.

Photoshop Mix has a bunch of similar upgrades, including the improved photo browser that appears in Photoshop Fix, and the same full resolution import features. The app has also improved masking of large images, and the app supports Adobe Smart Links, which can manage Adobe Stock Images if you are using that service.

Using the updates apps

I tried both new versions of the apps, and found the performance on my 64 GB iPhone quite snappy, and if memory serves, it seems a bit faster than the old version. I confirmed the ability to import full size images, and I did like the improved browser.

I still think Adobe has too many Photoshop-related iOS apps, and it seems to this reviewer that apps like Mix and Fix could easily be combined into one app. Right now you’ll most likely have a folder full of Adobe apps, one for removing objects from photos, another for image blends and color adjustments. Simple is better, and I think some consolidation is called for.

Still, Adobe has these powerful tools and they highly integrate with Lightroom and Photoshop on your desktop Macs, making editing in the field easy and reliable. Images can be sent back via the cloud to your desktop or laptop with layers and other edit preserved for more detailed work on more powerful platforms.

Both Adope Photoshop Fix and Mix are universal apps, and the apps are free, although you won’t really get the integration advantages without a Creative Cloud subscription.