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Come on. Admit it. If you are like me you can’t resist sharing your meal digitally with friends and families, especially if it’s nicely served and extra photogenic.

Foodie is a free app that will help you shoot that casserole or pizza or fruit plate giving you a vibrant photo you’ll be glad to share.


So what is it in this app that makes it good for shooting food? Well, first off, it’s designed to know when it is directly over your dish. When the app senses you are in the best position, the shutter button turns bright yellow. Of course you don’t have to shoot from above, and there is a button to turn on the flash if you are shooting in a dimly lit place, and a button that gives you a blur near the edges of your photo to give you a sort of depth-of-field effect.

IMG_8967In addition, there are live filters, with names like ‘sweet’ and ‘BBQ’ that adapts the color balance and saturation to match the food you re shooting. Of course any filter can be used on any food. I found I had to experiment a bit to get the kinds of colors I wanted.

When your picture is done, Foodie has the standard tools to save your photo, email it, or send to the various social services, but note that Foodie has no social community of its own. That doesn’t bother me, I’m almost always sending my pix to people I know.

The 26 filters included are quite varied, so you’ll likely find something that works for whatever dish you are are shooting.

I wish there were some more editing controls on the app, like adding or taking away saturation, or cropping the photo, but it’s easy to get that done in any of the numerous apps that specialize in editing.

I do think that this app fits its purpose, and I was always able to make my food shoots look better after trying some of the filters. The flashlight feature works OK, but in general you are better off with natural lighting. That may require changing the position of the food, but that’s not too hard a task.

Foodie is a pretty unique camera app, but if you are a dedicated ‘small f’ foodie, take a look at Forq. For is a free app that will scan your photo library for what it thinks are food photos, and lets you send them along with recipes with friends and social networks. It doesn’t have the same aim as Foodie, but it’s an interesting idea.