ProShot will please feature-hungry iPhoneographers

light paint

ProShot ($3.99, but it’s a free app of the week if you have the U.S. version of the Starbucks app) is a full featured camera control center that goes way beyond the Apple provided app and has a unique UI that takes a bit of getting used to but turns out to be very easy to use once you get past the brief learning curve.


drive modesThe app features are similar to what you’d get on a DSLR, like auto, program and manual modes. The app also features two custom modes so you can easily to get to settings you’ve put into those slots.

The app supports full resolution at aspect ratios of 16:9, 4:3 and 1:1. There are also burst and time-lapse modes, plus a unique light painting mode which works really well on nightscapes when there is moving traffic.

The app shoots brackets up to + and -3 stops in 1/3 stop increments. You’ll also find ProShot provides Auto ISO, a light meter mode, and manual focus assist.


The app also shoots video, and manual or auto modes, 4K video on newer iPhones, and 4K time lapses on appropriate hardware. You can also capture still frames from video.

Using ProShot
As I’ve mentioned, the UI is quite unique, but once you get the hang of it is very efficient. You can shoot in full auto, or work with as many manual parameters as you choose. I liked the flexibility of the controls, and how nicely they are presented in portrait or landscape mode. Controls respond quickly, and there is no perceptible lag when shooting. It’s all very quick.

The app can manage its own camera roll, and of course it supports the normal storage Apple provides. I found the bracketing to work well, with very clear on screen controls, but was disappointed the app does not offer HDR. Interestingly, versions of this app for the Windows phone and some Android devices do offer HDR modes.

The bracketing modes offered are very complete however, giving you exposure compensation, ISO bracketing, and shutter speed bracketing.

The app contains video tutorials, which are most welcome, and a complete manual.


ProShot is a fine camera app, for many iPhoneographers it could easily become the app of choice. I am disappointed HDR is not a feature of such a sophisticated app, but there are plenty of apps that support that mode of shooting.

At $3.99 this a worthwhile addition to your collection of photo apps, and if you have the Starbucks app grab ProShot for free for a limited time.


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Mel Martin is an experienced writer and photographer. He spent 6 years at TUAW writing about photography for the Mac and the increasing catalogue of iOS apps that have made the iPhone the preferred camera for so many. Mel hails from Missouri, attended college in Iowa, and spent most of his life in journalism. He now lives in Arizona, a great place for iPhone photography.
  • Tom McElvy

    So, how do we get it for free? It’s not in the Starbucks app that I can see and its 3.99 in the App Store!

    • Rise Up Games

      If you are in the US you should see the deal under Pick of the Week (I believe the deal is US-only).

  • Rise Up Games

    Thank you Mel for the great review! I’m the developer of ProShot, and I remember you from TUAW 🙂 HDR is not quite ready for iOS yet, I’m still trying to fine-tune a few things to make it a great experience for all.

    • melmartin

      Thanks for responding… as I wrote, an excellent app.. just need that HDR to make it ‘picture perfect’.


  • Dudez

    I have the app but I don’t see the “pick of the week”?

    • Mark

      I have the same problem. Have the app and no Pick of the Week.

    • steve gowin

      Go to the main page of the Starbucks app then tap on ‘messages’ to get the pick of the week.

      ProTip: These picks expire a couple months after the initial offer is made so if you find an App that was offerred awhile back, it is likely to still be redeemable.

  • Rodolfo Glenton

    Rise Up Games, can you please tell me if with your app I can lock the ISO or Speed, and change the Exposure EV without affecting or change the setting locked (ISO or Speed).
    And, are you going to include Save as TIFF in future version this year 2016?
    I use this way to communicate with you because I didn’t find any email or form support in your website.