Here are some images from my photo gallery archives:
"Seven Miles High", enhanced with Photogene

"Seven Miles High", enhanced with Photogene

Midwest Airlines #2306, August 18, 2009

I’m not a huge fan of wing shots — the novelty for me wore off about 12 years ago. But in August 2009, I was flying a Midwest Airlines E170 and looked out the window to see this wonderful convergence of wing, sky and cloud, contrast, shadow and saturation. I promise it’ll be another 12 years before I share another wing shot — unless it’s heavenly.


Unenhanced, shot with Camera Genius

Castle Rock, Colorado, July 2009.

As I stepped out of the car after a Saturday night in Denver, I saw the leaves from this tree catch the light from the streetlamp before fading into the dark night.

"The Toy Machine", unenhanced

"The Toy Machine", unenhanced

Oneida Casino, Green Bay, Wisconsin, April 2009

I found this fascinating mix of content and color within a toy “claw” machine. Most of the toys are fairly standard. I find the black bear with the baby face a little disturbing and out of place.

2MP image shot with Panasonic Lumix camera. Enhanced on iPhone with Camera Bag.

"Chicago Athletic Association", 2MP image shot with Panasonic Lumix camera. Enhanced on iPhone with Camera Bag.

Chicago, 2002.

One of my favorite pictures. He was moving slowly down Michigan Avenue. I snatched the shot just as he was passing in front of the CAA. The original image is full of contrasts. It’s mostly monochrome, with the only real color being the plants in the windows and the color in his hood. I like the contrast of color and gray and of common passes by wealth on the streets of Chicago.

This one was taken long before my iPhone.

<b>"St. Vince", </b>Unenhanced

"St. Vince", unenhanced

Green Bay, Wisconsin, August 2009

The statue of Vince Lombardi in the front of Lambeau Field. I was moved by the light, shadow, reflection and lines when I saw this moment near sunset at Lambeau Field.