Recently, I announced iQuikSplash and wrote a mini review of the app, giving it my worst ever score, 0 stars.

The developer of the app posted the following comment…

“The app was created to splash a color. Not an object. The app selectively highlights shades of the color you selected, in this case red. In case of a photo like yours here, you will need to use the “Area Quiksplash” function (added in Version 1.2) – where you can define the area you want to splash, but there is no need to be accurate, since the app will do the selection for you. Version 1.2 should be out in a day or so.

“As for needing to rotate after loading a photo, that is requirement from Apple, the photo picker is not allowed to be shown in landscape mode (The app was rejected because of displaying the picker in landscape mode). I may switch the app to work in Portrait in the future if it bothers most users.”

In response to my rating, version 1.2 was released recently with following new features/enhancements.

Read the rest of Glyn’s full review here on >>>


Glyn Evans is the publisher of The iPhoneography Blog and has given me permission to post a link to his review here on Life In Lo-Fi.