Willie Dawgs Mike Ayers Old New Yew York

Willie Dawgs interior, by Mike Ayers

Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn Mike Ayers old new york

Greenpoint Ave, by Mike Ayers

To paraphrase the classic T-shirts that are still available in shops on 7th Avenue at 3 for $10, I love New York. New York is one of the easiest cities I’ve photographed. The people, the architecture, the vibe of the city make for great stories everywhere, and especially great for iPhoneographers.

Created in January by Mike Ayers, old new york in a modern world is a project and photoblog which features photographs which makes modern day New York look old. Many of the images were either shot on an iPhone or processed with Lo-Mob.

“Yeah, I agree, New York is a great place to see the photos, especially these days,” says Ayers.  “It’s an interesting city to live in and see on a day to day basis, the changes, the people that coexist.”

If Mike Ayers sounds familiar, it’s because you may have read his work in any number of media. He’s an arts & entertainment journalist and has written for The Village Voice, Billboard, Reuters, New York, Spinner and AOL, along with a host of others. His day-to-day creative outlet is writing, but he’s always loved photography.

“I woke up one morning in early January with the idea that I wanted to see modern day New York as it might look in a bygone era. People lament about progress and change and how bad it is for many reasons, so in a way, I thought this could be a nice juxtaposition.”

There’s some interesting street photography here. Click here to visit old new york in a modern world.



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