Apple iPad

The New iPad from Apple

It is Day 3 of the Apple iPad revolution. So far, I can still purchase “dead tree” magazines at the supermarket and I still have photographic prints hanging on my walls, so I imagine the world hasn’t changed in a fundamental way just yet….

I nearly succumbed to the lure of the future this weekend. Here in Dallas/Fort Worth, there were still plenty of iPads available until well after 3:00 PM on U.S. iPad day Saturday. But, like many of you, I’m holding out for a few weeks until the 3G version is released here. With the way I travel and work, a 3G iPad and the need for internet just about anywhere simply makes more sense for me.

If you were one of the lucky ones this weekend and got your iPad, what do you think? Share your experiences here and tell us your thoughts on Apple’s newest device. Let the rest of us know what we’re missing in the comments below.