More random thoughts and a short review. Not enough for full blog posts, but each warrants some level of discussion. A Friday edition of Musings….

  • The one app that has been most indispensable to me during the iPhone 4 testing I’ve done is PhotoSize by Danny Goodman. It does one thing — it quickly and easily displays the pixel dimensions of any image in your iPhone’s photo library. This is very useful to keep tabs on how large (or small) apps are saving your images. This is also one of the first apps I use to check images from a new app, especially when the developer doesn’t state output resolutions in their App Store descriptions. It’s a free download and if you’ve got the screen space, I highly recommend this utility.

    App Store link:


  • iPhone 4 is now 2 weeks old. iOS 4 is a few days older. I’m looking through LoFi’s iPhone 4 Compatibility List and I’m still amazed at the number of camera and photo apps that are still not iPhone 4 (and iOS 4) compatible. I’m even more amazed at how slowly some updates are being released to the App Store. Hipstamatic was in review for over a week.