Cydia for iPhone screenshot, jailbreak

Cydia screenshot on a jailbroken iPhone

This week, the Library of Congress ruled that jailbreaking your iPhone is a permitted fair use under the DMCA. There are many reasons to jailbreak an iPhone, among them the ability to run apps that have been rejected by the App Store or simply to unlock your iPhone to use with an unsupported carrier.

I had a jailbroken and unlocked 2G that I used for years on T-Mobile’s network here with great reception and great results. For a long time, Cydia was the only place to purchase Snapture and ClearCam — two of my favorite photo apps in their day. Using PDANet as a wireless modem, available only for iPhone in Cydia and other repositories, saved my cookies on more than one occasion when tethering wasn’t an option for iPhones. Now that it is and there’s an additional $20/month charge here simply for the privilege of tethering, does jailbreaking become a more attractive option?

Our new poll this week is now that you can legally jailbreak your iPhone to run unsupported apps like SnapTap or PDANet, will you? Is it worth the trouble and potential iOS instability to circumvent the restrictions and charges of Apple and AT&T? Vote below or head on over to the sidebar to vote. Let us know what you think and feel free to discuss in the comments section.