Version 1.1
Price $0.99

Rating 5 stars

Bottom Line: The 1.1 update has bug fixes and a ton of new filters that make for an exciting update!

Film Lab for iPhoneDo you have FILM LAB yet? What are you waiting for? Really, just get it now. You’ll thank me after.

The 1.1 update just hit the App Store and it rocks! In addition to various, unspecified bug fixes, the image rotation issue seems to be fixed — that was one of few issues in my initial review. FILM LAB also supports resolutions up to and larger than the iPhone 4’s 5MP images. You may need to check FILM LAB’s settings. The default resolution is 3.2MP and may need to be changed for your device.

FILM LAB 1.1 for iPhone - screenshotAlso in this update, several new film brands with several film stocks each have been added. FILM LAB now boasts a total of 351 filters — film renditions and other effects. Current and former film photographers will appreciate the new types of film in the update. Among the new film brands are Calotype, FORTE, GAF, Rollei, and others.

The interface got some new tweaks. Films are organized by brand now, making it much easier to sort through and locate your favorite filters. You can sort by film name and you can sort by tone. Nice! There’s also a really nice feature that allows you to mark your favorite films with a star. You can now also recall recently used filters from the main film menu.

FILM LAB still has a complete set of photo adjusting tools for contrast, HSB, sharpness and blur so you can optimize your images right from within the app.

All this and FILM LAB is still just $0.99. I highly recommend FILM LAB. I used it often and this update greatly improves the app. Check out my original review of version 1.0. Just note that the bugs are fixed and multiply the number of effects by five.

With the 1.1 update, FILM LAB is now a five-star app that’s easy to get excited about.