Macworld sept 2010 cover shot with an iPhone 4Here’s a cool one. The September 2010 issue of Macworld features a cover shot of an iPhone 4… that was shot and post-processed using an iPhone 4!

Macworld contributing photographer, Peter Belanger, used basically the same rig he would have used to photograph the 4 with a Phase One P65+ digital camera. The main difference? He used tungsten lights because of the iPhone’s inability to sync with strobes.

To process the image, he used PhotoForge to remove a slight green cast from the image and Resize-Photo to bring the image to Macworld’s print specs.

Links to the Macworld cover are after the jump. >>>

In publishing, the cover is critical. It needs to be “pretty”. It need to pop. Often times, a magazine sits in a rack along with a hundred other magazines. The cover needs to be visible — to jump out and grab a reader. The Macworld cover looks great. The highlights look bright and the color saturation of the screen looks rich and natural.

Here’s the link to the Macworld article that discusses the iPhone 4 cover. Here’s the link to photographer Peter Belanger’s blog post describing the process. Both are good reads and give good insight into the entire process.

While the iPhone 4 won’t replace your Nikon body and thousands of dollars worth of lenses any time soon for commercial uses, I thought it was a really cool way to test out the iPhone 4 camera’s capabilities. Although a little coddling was needed, it looks like the iPhone 4 and photo apps passed with flying colors.



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