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One of my faves got a good update and a new icon yesterday. The ProCamera 2.8 update by was released yesterday and it is one of very few camera replacements apps that is fully iPhone 4 compatible on its own terms — in fact, as of this writing, I can only think of one other, Camera+.

Read on for a list of the updates and fixes in this new version. >>>

While the iPhone’s cameras have always been functional, they are missing many of the features to help you take better pictures with the device. A good camera replacement app has any or all of these enhanced features and more: grid guides to help with leveling and composition, camera stabilization, a “big button” full screen shutter release, digital zoom (for cameras without iOS 4’s new zoom feature).

Since the iPhone 4 was released with its new camera, digital zoom, and flash, many of the camera apps and camera replacement apps broke and had to be updated to work with the new camera system. Because of the new open APIs allowing developers even more access to the iPhone camera’s code, many simply incorporated Apple’s camera into their own apps using the new hooks. Other camera apps “broke”, experiencing the iPhone 4 “shutter bug” where the camera screen freezes up if the flash is fired. Many of these apps are still broken — you can check which ones work and which don’t in LoFi’s iPhone 4 Compatibility Feature.

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The new ProCamera 2.8 update now fully supports Apple’s flash as well as the front-facing camera of the iPhone 4. Because of the app’s Big Button full-screen shutter release, tap-to-focus works when you press and hold.

Another cool new feature is ProCamera’s support for iOS 4’s Multitasking. Images continue to save in the background, so losing a photo because you quit out of the app too soon is a thing of the past. Image saves and “reload times” are fast on a 4, but still not on par with the incredibly fast saves of Apple’s camera or Camera+. plans to improve save times in a future update.

ProCamera is still a powerful, get-down-to-business camera replacement app with very usable features and little fluff. The new update provides complete compatibility with the latest iPhones.

ProCamera 2.8 requires iOS 4 and takes full advantage of your iPhone’s hardware. Owners of iPhone 2G and users of iPhone OS 3 won’t be able to install this upgrade.

Here’s the complete list of What’s New in ProCamera 2.8:

  • Optimized for iOS 4: Multitasking support
    Saving process will be completed, even after leaving the app
    ProCamera is ready to take a photo the second you open it again
  • Full support for iPhone 4
    Switch the LED flash on/off or using Auto mode
    Switch between rear and front camera through simple buttons on the screen
    HD video recording
  • Virtual Horizon, grid-guides and compass now available while recording video
  • Tap-To-Focus while recording video.
  • Drastically performance boost while applying filters and effects
  • Faces function: Faces, imported from iPhoto inside the Photo Studio
  • High-Resolution graphics for the Retina display of iPhone 4
  • App icon design updated
  • iCademy has been updated to also cover the new version of ProCamera (including iOS 4 tips, tricks and hints, available for free on the App Store)

ProCamera is still only $2.99 in the App Store.

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