There are a few of places on the web where resourceful users have created Hipstamatic Photoshop actions which simulate the look of the app’s films and lenses, allowing you to create the look of Hipstamatic on images that weren’t shot with the app. We don’t post those links on the blog, but recently, Daniel Box created some Photoshop actions which let you recreate the look of some of Instagram’s filters, letting you add the look of Instagram’s filter set and save the processed image in full resolution.

One of the biggest user complaints about Instagram is the measly 612×612 pixel resolution that the app saves processed images in. While this technique takes the processing off the iPhone (for the purists), these actions do a reasonably good job of adding the color and tonal qualities of Instagram’s hard-to-duplicate-on-an-iPhone filter set (I’ve tried…).

Of course, the downside is that to recreate the effects of the free iPhone app, you’ll need a $700 desktop app.

Says creator Daniel Box:

“I recently did a Google search to see if anyone had “converted” instagram filters to photoshop actions. After not finding any results, I decided to see if I could do it myself. I didn’t get a 100% exact match, but it’s pretty close.”

His Photoshop actions can be downloaded from his Tumblr blog here.



Big thanks to Jack Hollingsworth (Twiiter/@photojack) for pointing me to this link.