AutoStitch 3 iPhoneAutoStitch Panorama has long been the favorite pano app of this blog and many iPhoneographers. The 4.0 update has been released with new features and iOS 5 compatibility.

Some iPhoneographers are reporting problems with this update. Read on for more information and a couple of possible fixes. >>>

AutoStitch now features an in-app camera, something that many other pano apps have had for a while. Although it’s the Apple camera, it’s a bare-bones camera with no zoom, flash or front camera capability. You can still use any camera app you choose and load images from your device’s photo library.

AutoStitch supports huge image sizes — panos up to 18 megapixels. Of course, images that size will bring most iDevices screeching to a halt. To help performance on your device, you can cap the resolution using with a lot of choices in the Resolution setting.

AutoStitch now also has My Panoramas, basically its own lightbox. To me, this feature ended up not being as useful as it sounds. Panos are still saved automatically to your camera roll. Once images are cropped and saved to My Panoramas, they need to be reprocessed before they can be cropped again Actually, they had to be reprocessed at a different resolution, reprocessed back and then cropped. Big pain.

Users of really old iPhones are out of luck on this update. AutoStitch now supports iOS 4.0 or newer. Support for the older iOS 3.1 has been dropped in this version.

Some users have been reporting crash problems or an inability to access the iPhone’s photo library. If this is happening to you, first try closing out all of your apps and rebooting your iPhone.

If that doesn’t work, you may have to resort to the drastic measure of deleting the app and reinstalling the previous version while waiting out a bug fix update. Read our post on reinstalling older versions of apps.

I didn’t have any problems with the update — it installed and worked fine for me on my 4.

AutoStitch 4.0 still has the same functionality and accuracy that made it great. It’s now enhanced by new features I’m not likely to use. The core app is still the best pano app in the App Store.

Here’s all that’s new in Version 4.0:

– AutoStitch now has an in-app camera.
– You can still use any other camera app if you prefer. We provide a fast new interface to select images for stitching.
– My Panoramas keeps track of the source photos for each panorama and allows for easy re-stitching, re-cropping, export, and deletion.
– Panoramas now include geolocation data.
– PhotoAppLink support to send panoramas to other apps.
– iOS 5 compatible.

AutoStitch Panorama is $1.99 in the App Store. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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