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Resize-Photo by iLegendSoft is an image interpolation tool that changes the image size on your iPhone. If you subscribe to a keep-it-all-on-your-iPhone line of thought on iPhoneography, apps like Resize-Photo eliminate the need to enlarge your images on a computer using Photoshop.

I can’t believe how bad the new 2.0 update to Resize-Photo is. This app used to be so good, MacWorld used it as part of its September 2010 print cover shoot with an iPhone 4.

The new 2.0 update breaks the app pretty badly. If you have Resize-Photo, don’t upgrade. If you’re looking at buying the app, hold off until it’s working correctly again.

A while back, I reviewed the app. Previous versions of Resize-Photo were great. in older versions, it quickly and easily resized images up to 3500×3500 pixels. Results were similar to the common bicubic interpolation algorithm to add pixels, which is a pretty good method of adding pixels.

The new update now breaks a lot of things, including the aspect ratio of square frame and landscape oriented photos. 1600×2300 pixels is now the maximum the app will resize to. It now distorts all images into portrait mode. The resize constrain lock is broken now as well and is stuck in ON mode.

The new user interface is cleaner than the previous version. That’s because a lot of the features of the previous version are gone. Precision resize adjustments in points and percentage have been removed. In particular, the percentage adjustment was pretty convenient to have.

This update adds 13 pointless and poorly done one-click retro camera filters. Why? Nothing about Resize-Photo screamed retro photo app before this update. The app was pretty good without them.

Image resampling apps were more useful when iPhones had lower resolution. With recent improvements in the iPhone 4 cameras, the 3500×3500 pixel resolution of the old version isn’t much better than the 3264×2448 resolution of the 8 MP iPhone 4S. Still, image resampling is sometimes needed if you want to make enlargements from some of the low resolution photo apps still being released.

Resize-Photo 2.0 is a huge step backward. I wouldn’t update this app until the problems are fixed. Or, check out other apps. For a photo resampling tool now, Filterstorm is a great app with a scaling feature that works quickly and correctly.

If you need help restoring the previous version of the app, have a look at this post, How to Reinstall Older Versions of Apps on your iPhone or iPad.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.