squaready for iPhone


Squaready is the excellent free, easy-to-use app to easily make square crops and prep your photos for Instagram and other apps. It also adds a more attractive white border around the edge of an image so your portrait and landscape images view better when they show up in your Instagram photostream. I’ve previously reviewed the app here.

The app has finally been updated to support the full 2448×2448 pixel square resolution of iPhone 4S photos. Click past the jump for more on this update. >>>

Here’s what’s new in version 1.5.0

  • Changed button design
  • Added button indicators
  • Supported full resolution (2448×2448) export on iPhone 4S
  • Can send high-res to Instagram
  • Added the ability to pre-fill the hashtag #squaready when sending to Instagram


None of the great functionality of previous versions has gone away. Squaready is still one of the best tools for fitting or cropping and filling an image to a square format. The app also has basic but conveneient flip and rotate skills.

Tip: Clicking the ad makes it go away for a few hours. I’m a fan of clicking the ads in a great free app such as Squareeady, Phonto, and PhotoSize, especially where they don’t block the functionality of the app. You get a free app and the developer gets a little cash. Win-win.

The interface gets minor tweaks. The new button indicators are small, green dots above the selected tool, which make it handy and easier to see which tool you are using with the app.

Squaready uses both PhotoAppLink and Apple’s SendToApp features, so you’re able to import your cropped image into any app that supports these features — that’s a lot of the heavyweights and the list is always growing. There is no ability to add the #squaready hashtag when sending to Instagram. It’s just prefilled.

And, as in previous versions, you are easily able to toggle Squaready’s animated sound effects from the top toolbar.

Squaready is an app I use often. It’s easier and more precise than trying to use most photo apps’ clumsy “zoom and crop” tool.

Squaready is a great companion app for prepping square format photos for Instagram, Cameramatic, Squara, Instant110 and the many other square-format photo apps. This update adds small but good improvements. Squaready is an essential app.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Squaready - FANG Inc.

And, if you don’t already have it, you can click here to get Instagram in the App Store.