Instagram new sharing feature Facebook

Got Instagram? Got Facebook? Odds are if you’re reading this, you have both insanely popular social networks. The two just got a little closer. When you share an image in Instagram to Facebook, it now posts the full-size image to your Facebook feed/timeline/whatever.

Previously, when you shared an image to Facebook, Instagram simply created a post and a link to the image on the Instagram network. Now, Instagram creates a new album on your Facebook profile, Instagram photos, where it now shares the full-size image. Well, full size for Instagram, anyway. The photos shared to Facebook are the 612×612 classic Instagram size, not the big full resolution images that the app now saves to your camera roll.

This is a great update. Previously, viewing Instagram images on Facebook was a multi-click process and it wasn’t possible to Like an image — only the Facebook post linking to it. You can now also easily download the posted Instagram images directly from Facebook.

This new feature is available now without an update to Instagram.