I just watched this demonstration video for AntiCrop, a new content-aware tool for iOS which claims to add image beyond the edge of your crop. If it works as well as it does in the video, this will be a really cool tool to have in your iPhone’s camera bag. It’s from the same developer who created the very good TouchRetouch app.

AntiCrop allows you to crop within and beyond the edges of your frame. It’ll fill those areas with similar content, much like Photoshop’s Content-aware fill.

This is a tool which will come in handy when you want to shift your composition over a little bit, but don’t have any image. It’ll also be great for straightening images without losing image on the edges of your frame.

We’ll see how well this works when the app is released. The demo video didn’t really tax the app with super complex auto-fills and there’s a good chance that the app may not work all of the time. Still, for quickly adding extra sky and basic background, this has the potential to be a really cool app!

The app should be available in the App Store on January 17.

Check out the demo video on YouTube.



Thanks to Chase Masters for originally posting this to Life In LoFi’s Facebook page.