lensflare for iphone

LensFlare for iPhone with Telephoto effect and Red filter to give it a Kodachrome look.

The three excellent BrainFeverMedia photo apps — LensLight, LensFlare, and Alien Sky — were all recently updated.

All three are outstanding apps. Keep reading to find more about these great apps and this update. Also, we’re giving away copies of Alien Sky today. >>>

All three apps add great photorealistic effects to your images. All three apps got a User Interface update, making the apps easier to use. The updates include a set of 15 brand new lens filters in each app for enhancing your photos. The new filters range from subtle color shifts that change the tonal qualities of the image — warm it up, cool it down, etc. — to more striking stylized color moves such as a sepia look, a cooler cinema look, or cold Twilight-esque Gothic tones.

lensflare lenslight filters

The new filter overlays in LensFlare, LensLight and Alien Sky


LenFlare effects and the new UI


LensFlare and LensLight

LensFlare and LensLight are both essential apps for adding great looking optical effects such as lens flares, chroma rings, bokeh effects as well as simulated lens damage such as smudges, dust and scratches. There just aren’t any better apps on iOS that let you create such unique and great looking lens and light effects so easily.

LensFlare focuses on creating a wide variety of lensflares and a few other aberrations. LensLight is more broader in its approach and offers several other sources of light such as spotlights, light leaks common in cheap cameras, bokeh, plus a few lens flares.

What makes these effect outstanding is that these are not static overlays. Each effect is realistically rendered on your device based on where you place the light source.

What used to be considered annoying artifacts on larger cameras is a look that I love when shooting the digital lo-fi of the iPhone. The iPhone’s optics can’t create most of these effects on its own. Having both LensFlare and LensLight in my camera bag let’s me quickly and easily add these great-looking lo-fi aberrations in post. It gives me more control over the final image than by trying to create these organically by pointing my lens into a light source.

LensFlare is $0.99.

LensLight is also $0.99. I use both apps often and highly recommend them both.

Alien Sky


Alien Sky lets you realistically composite your photos with celestial features such as space objects (planets, moons, and galaxies), bright suns and distant stars. I’ve previously reviewed the app here.

The effects in Alien Sky are overlays, but the app shares the same user interface and interactivity as LensLight and LensFlare. I’ve seen some amazing images created using Alien Sky. Adding a planet or an exaggerated moon to an image, or creating a sky can really make a photo pop.

Alien Sky is $0.99

All three apps are compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. These apps are optimized for iPhone 5. Maximum resolution on these are high resolution on an iPhone 5, 4S and 4 — 2048×2048 px — that’s 3.1MP-4MP. Resolution is lower on older devices.

Alien Sky Giveaway

Today, I’ve got a few promo codes for Alien Sky to give away. To be eligible to win a copy, simply enter using the giveaway widget below. If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll have additional chances for a free copy.

Cut-off time to enter is 11:59 PM Eastern Time, Wednesday, March 6, 2013. Winners will be determined by Random.org. One code per reader, please.

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Big thanks to James Grote from BrainFeverMedia for supplying the promo codes for this giveaway.