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Brad Mangin’s 2012 book of baseball iPhoneography. Photo: Brad Mangin


Cult of Mac has just posted a recent interview with professional sports photographer Brad Mangin, who made a splash in iPhoneography and pro photography circles by publishing a 2012 book of baseball photographs shot with his iPhone.

These days, Mangin is shooting more than just baseball and capturing more than just candid and found moments with his iPhone. He says he now gets a lot of work to shoot with the iPhone as his camera.

Mangin was given behind-the-scenes access to TOUR events, working unobtrusively with his iPhone to capture golfers relaxing in the clubhouse, groundskeepers mowing greens at sunrise and attendants polishing golf shoes for the next round.

Mangin’s sports iPhoneography has enabled him to shoot, process, and share to his clients’ social media faster than with traditional cameras.

The video vignette below is interesting in that Mangin talks about his entire career as a photographer and how things have changed over the years. He acknowledges that he has to shoot differently and shoot different subjects on his iPhone. What he does with the camera, though, is add details to the story of the event. I’d call it layers or texture. The end result is a better overall picture (no pun intended) of the event.

You can read David Pierini’s Cult of Mac post here, “Big-league sports photog talks going pro with iPhone“. Brad’s story is also in the embedded video below. It was produced by PGA Tours and is a Flash video. Best we got. Sorry….

Brad Mangin’s book “Instant Baseball: The Baseball Instagrams of Brad Mangin” is available on for under $20.


Via Cult of Mac